Are you ready to transform your dream into a movement that changes the world? 

I coach women (40+), just like you, launch an online business that is aligned with their passion & purpose so that they can replace their ‘day-job’ and have more freedom and flexibility to enjoy their life and family.

“Paula I would liken to a candle lit in a dark room. She is compassionate and strong, a leader and a listener. I am so grateful that she is living her authentic purpose; I respect and appreciate her more than words can say – not sure where I’d would be without her wisdom.”

~Kylie Judge, Coaching Client

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Hey! I’m Paula… Your Creative Business Catalyst! 

So, you’ve got an idea for a business that the world needs. This idea of yours wasn’t born with a silver spoon in it’s mouth. In fact, right now you probably feel overwhelmed…but your heart says, “Go for it!”. 

I get it, that’s how I felt and my heart said the same thing.

Your dream was born from a tickle in your soul you couldn’t ignore. It was the blood, sweat and tears as a result of an unexpected life event. Maybe it was long sleepless nights and a lightening bolt of ‘what the eff am I doing with my life’! That tickle in your soul has always been there waiting for you to act. 

Now’s the time my friend! 

I will help you strategize how to turn that tickle into movement that changes the lives of the people who need you most. I know right now you feel overwhelmed and inadequate – you might not even know what to do next (or first). That’s where I come in! 

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