5 Questions That Will Connect You To Your Inner Guru

Inner Guru 1

By the time we’re here in life (by here I mean jobs, kids, homes, hobbies) our lives can feel crazy busy. But, busy doesn’t automatically translate to fulfillment. Just because you’ve clicked along in your life and checked all the boxes doesn’t guarantee your life will feel meaningful.

I bet you have moments when you think, “What am I doing wrong, why do I still feel restless and unhappy?”

I think it’s totally awesome and incredible that you find yourself asking these questions! Asking these questions means two things that are vital to living a meaningful and fulfilling life –

One, it means that your inner wisdom still has a voice.  Being able to hear yourself ask those questions means you are still connected to the core essence of who you are meant to be in this life. I can’t even tell you how important this is – that’s a blog post for another day. For now, just know anytime you get that nudge it’s a good thing. It doesn’t mean you’ve done something wrong or that you’re the only one who hasn’t figured out their life yet.

Two, it means that you haven’t let yourself be completed brainwashed by scaling your life by comparing it to your neighbors and always trying to ‘keep up with the Jones’ as they say. Somewhere in your sub-conscious you know that you are uniquely you and that, although we may have to meet some societal norms, you realize you have one wild and precious life to live that must be lived for the benefit of yourself and all those lives you touch!

You have flashes of inspiration

Things you’d like to do, places you’d like to go. But how do you know these things will bring you close to feeling like your life has meaning and purpose? Or it’s just a whim or a tactic to avoid a part of your life you don’t love?

Maybe you want to take an art class, or learn photography. Perhaps your yoga instructor talked about Chakras and you’re inspired to learn more or you’d like to take that Reiki training at the yoga studio. When you feel that little spark of inspiration it might be your inner guru doing the happy dance, hoping upon hope that you’ll take action.

But how do you know if your inner guru doing the happy dance or just a silly whim?


Our lives are so busy that sometimes we need to prime the pump (so to speak) when we’re trying to speak from or find our truth. Find a quiet space for a few minutes and take a few deep breathes before you go through the questions. I like to take three mindful breathes focusing on how the inhale and exhale feel in my body as I breath.

Use the five questions below to begin to explore deepening your connection to your inner guru and letting your truth ring out. You don’t have to get a resounding ‘yes’ to all these questions. The questions are designed to help you tune in to what’s behind this tickle of inspiration you feel.

Although I will say if, when you answer these questions, it brings you a ‘holy shit‘ moment… You’re on the right track!

  1. Do you feel compelled to follow this nudge, even though you’re not sure where it will lead?
  2. Does this nudge feel strangely familiar, almost like déjà vu, even though you know you’ve never encountered it before?
  3. Do you feel like what you’ve done up to this point doesn’t fit any more (whether you want it to or not)?
  4. Does this feel like something you would NOT have chosen to pursue in years past, but are feeling like you’re being pulled into it now?
  5. Would you feel sad, guilty or a sense of dread if you ignore this desire, or don’t take action?

Write down what comes up with each questions. Answer honestly and without judgement – simply observe the answer. Then notice if one question feels particularly powerful or evokes strong emotions.

Of course the reverse is true as well. If you go through all the questions and you don’t feel any energy or strong emotions, then it could be that what you’re considering isn’t a deep calling of your inner guru. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, not everything we do needs to be deeply soul shifting, but it could help you understand your motivation which in turn helps clarify your expectations.


For example, let’s say I’m considering attending a yoga conference. If, when I ask those questions, I come up flat, it doesn’t mean yoga isn’t my spiritual calling, it could simply mean that I’m seeking professional development or connection with other yogis. If I understand that attending the conference is something I want to do for professional development, not my soul’s purpose, then I won’t be disappointed when I  return home and don’t feel ‘enlightened’. Maybe in this case it’s more important I feel inspired to teach more yoga!

The most important things we can do to have purposeful, powerful and peaceful lives is practice being connected to our inner guru and seeking clarity.