Hey there, I’m Paula the muse behind ‘the P.S.’

I coach soulful heartfelt women (40+), like you, who are ready to launch a new online career that will replace their ‘day-job’ so that they have more freedom and flexibility to enjoy the life they deserve.

I began to realize the importance of creating our P.S. (the next chapter, the next phase of our life) when a blog post I wrote has now been shared over 1.5 million times! Yes, that’s how the world responds when you are aligned with your passion and purpose… and a little holy sh!t vulnerability thrown in there.

What is a P.S.?

A “PS” is used to denote a statement that comes after the main point in a letter or document.

Helping you get clarity and create a strategy on how you will bring your P.S. into the world. Sure, you’ve lived a little, had a career and maybe a family, but now you’re getting this incessant nudge to do and be more.

That is my work on “The PS, and let me tell you one thing sistah…

There is nothing more powerful than a woman in her 40’s+ who brings change into the world… nothing!

The world and the people who you will be of service to NEED you to take action on that nudge. If you don’t, you are stealing from those who need your unique services and gifts! 

I will guide you from powerlessness to unstoppable super-hero, transforming your ideas into action and clarity that give you the freedom you desire.

I am a change-maker and visionary who has an inexplicable talent of bringing the most awesome version of your dream into the world… even when you can’t see it yet! 

My signature program, “The PS” is based on creating lives and businesses that are aligned with our deepest purpose and passion and is expressed as the three essential pillars of living our P.S.

  • Purposeful Soul
  • Powerful Self
  • Peaceful Spirit.

When you build your life around these three pillars your life will be transformed in ways you could never imagine. You will have so much joy and abundance, everyone will think you’ve moved to Colorado and are high as a kite. Ok, let’s not go that far, but imagine waking up every day loving what you do AND having the freedom to enjoy family and friends.

If you are ready to listen to that nudge, that tickle in your soul that says… it’s time… Let’s see if we’re a good fit to work together. Head over to the ‘Let’s Work & Play Together‘ page for more info.

I know how scary starting out on this journey can be. I remember how it felt over five years ago when I started and I want you to know you are not crazy and this isn’t some mid-life crisis. If you are feeling the calling for more in life, that is the beginnings of a movement (not bowel movement, that would be gross) that can transform your life and many others.

Good luck and sending you hugs and lots of good juju!



We should stay connected if…

  • Your heart knows you are ready for more joy in your life, but aren’t quite sure how to get there. (insider tip – Retreats are perfect for this reset!
  • Sipping a sweet tropical green smoothie, on the beach, after your morning yoga class – in Costa Rica – sounds too good to pass up! Yes, the retreat for 2017 is over (and was a massive success), but you can join us in 2018. 

Why I do what I do


I believe with all my heart all of us deserve and are capable
of living the life we were destined to have.

You’re in your 40’s. Maybe you got married, had kids and have balancing a career. Living the life you’re suppose to. Perhaps things happened that you didn’t plan on, and maybe you made choices you regret (so have I). That does not mean you can’t reclaim your one and only wild life!

As a matter of fact – I believe that we, as women, are best equipped to bring a unique type of magic into the world in our 40’s. Let the men buy Corevette’s, get fat and bald, and hang on to their young. We have Wise Women work to attend to… and it starts now my friend.

You have to write your own PS… and that’s where I come in. The PS is the life we live after we let go of the life we think we ‘should have’ lived and we embrace the life we are living. And I mean FULLY embrace it with our most genuine self, soul and spirit.

It’s taken me fifteen years to create this unique process of living a life you love. Well, what I mean is this program is the culmination of all the therapy inner work I’ve done and all the shit storms I’ve been through in the last fifteen years.

And the truth is…. I want to give you what I never had and don’t want you to have to wallow around in the shit of it for the next fifteen years figuring it out. Believe me I wouldn’t wish that on anyone!

I did all the heavy lifting and I want to share 100% of what I’ve learned with you so that your one wild life is filled with joy and passion and flows with ease and purpose!

Let me give you the short version of why I do this work.

Peaceful Spirit: The first break-down break-through was a result of getting divorced over fifteen years ago. Yes, it was my decision, my doing, and it left me a single mom with three boys recklessly approaching the teen years.

Being a single working Mom was a challenge and it took me way too long to learn that life was smoother when I took care of me first (you know, put you’re on mask on first). This is when I really began to deepen into my yoga and meditation as a way to strengthen my life and give me the peace I needed to rise to the occasion. Loving, gentle, kindness was better than fighting my limiting beliefs and believing at every moment the sky was falling.

Powerful Self: My second break down break through was so horrible I prayed nothing in my life would ever again be so difficult. (naturally I was wrong, see break-down three below)

Remember up above where I said my boys were ‘recklessly’ approaching their teens? I should’ve added they are also risk-takers, adrenaline-junkies and adventure-seekers. On my middle son’s fifteenth birthday I sent him to residential drug treatment 3200 miles away from home. It would take eighteen months, multiple therapist, body-guards and multiple programs until I would get my son home, we would become a family again. My son found his dharma and shines as the boy (now a young man) I always knew he could be.

During this time I learned the importance of understanding how our different ‘parts’ can help or hinder us. Becoming aware of what made me who I am and how each of those parts plays a particular role in my day to day life was life changing. I know use my Powerful Self to my advantage and operate from a place of authenticity and confidence.

Purposeful Soul: Break down number three. There is no nice way to say what happened here or to pretend that is was pretty. Shit came down hard, it was ugly and I honestly didn’t think I would survive.

On October 9th, 2010 my oldest son, Brandon, passed away unexpectedly while home on leave from the Army.

It is every bit as horrible as you think it would be and much more.

The break-down didn’t shift to a break-through for almost two years after Brandon died. Even then, it was a slow rebuild.

But here’s what I know categorically as truth.

We have one wild and beautiful life. We have a specific purpose. Nothing is promised so you better get living your dharma (purpose) now because –  nothing is promised (did I already mention that?)

I know to live from a place of purpose is the most valuable thing we can do for ourselves and for everyone around us.


What you’ll find here…

  • Resources and tools so you can start moving towards living a business that aligns with your passion and purpose
  • Tools to spark  and get clear on what the world wants (and needs) you to be
  • VIP access to special programs, retreats and workshops designed just for you

The one thing I know for sure:

The world needs people like me to serve people like you so that we can all become a more authentic version of ourselves. When I share my expertise and message, I don’t do it to feed my ego, I do it to use my candle to light others so we all shine bright. My candle doesn’t shine brighter or burn out when I share my message – rather, we all shine brighter when we share of ourselves. We all benefit when we all work towards bringing our very best self into the world. Let’s do this!

The Official Bio 

Paula is the muse behind “The PS”, her signature program that teaches transformational resilience in an unpredictable world. She is a nationally recognized speaker, yogi and author.  Paula is known for being a light on the path of transformation and has worked with survivors of mass shootings such as the Aurora Theatre Shooting, and those who’ve lost a loved one in service to their country. Her ability to thrive after many of her own personal setbacks proves that she is able to take your life to the next level. She will show you how to create a life that is Powerful, Purposeful  and Peaceful.
 Paula has her masters degree in Exercise Physiology and was previously an adjunct professor at Metro State University in the Human Performance & Sport Department. She is also a certified wellness coach and RYT Yoga Instructor. This makes her the perfect combination of mad scientist and woo-woo princess! She has presented nationally for the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association as well as many others. She is a frequent guest blogger for MindBodyGreen, Positively Positive and Tiny Buddha. You can connect with her at www.thepaulastephens.com