The Best Way to Create A One Year Business Plan (part 1)

Blog – Seasonal Plan

How to Use the Seasons of Your Business to Leverage Success

All things have seasons of growth and change. Your business also has a natural flow or rhythm to it and when you step into this flow of your business there is a natural connection that supports your growth and the growth of your business.

I am a strong believer in what nature can teach us and what a powerful collaborator nature is in our lives and businesses. This belief is why my business coaching model reflects the 4-directions of the Native American medicine wheel (4D Biz Plan). If we’ve worked together you know that we start by building your business in the “east” (spring season) as this is the place of awakening to your deepest desires of creating your sacred business. From there we build out a strong foundation that helps you understand the purpose of your business and how you will serve and make money doing the work that makes your soul happy.

Once you’ve established your 4D Biz Design the next step is looking at your business and creating a business strategy that supports the natural flow of your industry. For example, if you are a personal trainer or health coach January through March is your business season. If you are a crafter/maker the holidays might be your busy season. An accountant’s busy season (in the US) will be from February until April 15th when taxes are due. Finally, if you’re a farmer the natural season for your ‘harvest’ would be summer and into fall depending on your crop. You get the idea!

I am writing this as we move into the last two months of the year and prepare for expanded success in your business in the coming year. The best way to see your business grow is to create and stick to a plan. Without a clear plan and action steps you will naturally be blown around from idea to idea, starting and stopping, regrouping and rethinking and ultimately make very little progress in your business…. Although you will be exhausted, feel busy and struggle with overwhelm!

This is a great time of year to outline a plan for the next year of your business, but let’s also take the time to figure out what you should be doing in each season of your business

Below I’ve shared with you activities that naturally occur in each season. Keep in mind that your business seasons might not align with Mother Nature’s flow. It might be winter outside, but in your business, it’s the heat of the harvest! The take away is to understand the needs of your specific business and create a strategy that supports more abundance using the natural flow of your business so that you are in flow with your business and don’t suffer from burnout and overwhelm.

[This is part one of a two-part series. In part two I will share with you the elements of the other two seasons and what to do if you feel like your business doesn’t have a distinct season]

 Winter – Integration, Reflection & Rejuvenation

This would be considered a slow time in your business and it might naturally happen after your busy season. During this time you should be reflecting on what worked in the past with your business, what you want more of and what you need to change or do differently.

To the outside world it might look like there’s not a lot going on in your business, but just like winter might look blah on the outside, nature’s roots and going inward and gathering energy and strength to grow when the conditions are just perfect!

Activities for This Season

  • Take a workshop for your own personal growth
  • Spend time in solitude and reflection
  • Take a vacation
  • Tidy up your business finances and review your expenses
  • Let your mind wonder on how you want to grow your business in the coming months
  • Reflect on the past year. Keep what worked and release what didn’t

Spring – Awakening & Fresh Growth

This is the time when you are tilling the soil and planting the seeds of business success. You should feel excited and clear on what you will be doing in your business… or at least putting the finishing touches on your business plan.

Just as in the spring, Mother Nature show us the seedlings of what’s to come, your business focus will be the same. You will be focusing on having your systems in place and cueing up tasks that you will need later, but won’t have as much time for.

Activities in this Season

  • Write 6-8 blog posts that you can bank and publish in the coming months
  • If you will be doing videos, do the same thing – create and batch them all at one time
  • Outline marketing and networking events you need to grow your business
  • Create and automate systems such as email auto-responders and/or a series of emails that go out to people who subscribe to your list
  • Decide how many new clients you want to take on
  • Create a system for social media posts
  • Set dates for special events like retreats or group programs you will run

In the next post, we will dig into the business seasons of Summer and Fall. I will also show you how to infuse the natural cycle of seasons into your business when you feel like your business doesn’t naturally have them (which is how my business is structured!).