“Thank you for providing this life-enhancing experience! I wasn’t sure what to expect, since I was not a regular “yogi”, but found it extremely valuable. I enjoyed the mixture of adventure, relaxation and hard work the retreat provided. I love your approach as an instructor, and appreciate your unconventional approach. I appreciate that you own your own “stuff”, and push your students to do the same” ~Nikki C

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“Paula speaks and demonstrates the core values of yoga. It’s not about turning yourself into a pretzel, it’s about opening your heart and breath. Paula leads you there.”

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“I would tell someone considering this retreat that Paula’s classes challenges your life, as well as your yoga practice. Paula is especially skilled in being perceptive to what people need to hear, and helping them push through barriers to achieve personal growth. Paula provide a safe space to explore yoga, thoughts, attitudes, and intentions in a way that is positive and encouraging.”

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“I loved your messages, challenges, and the judgement-free, lovely person zone you created! I also liked the flexibility during the days to join in on adventures or not – I think this gave the opportunity to process and connect, and gave those who preferred more solitude the chance to choose that as well.”

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Paula Stephens was the perfect person to help me organize, design and develop my heart-based business.  Her creative, intelligent and supportive approach to working with clients launched me into a clear understanding of the strategy, tools and techniques I would need to grow my organization. Under Paula’s expert guidance, I was able to stay true to my own value system– Personal Authenticity, Community Service, Inspired Education and Hope for Others- while providing heart-based healing services to a wider population.  She even provided the encouragement I needed to write and publish my first book!  Paula is optimistic, skilled and savvy- the perfect combination of attributes for a successful business coach.

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Working with Paula has been one of the best investments I’ve made for myself. Through our one-on-one sessions, I gained tremendous insight regarding my customer’s pain points. This empowered me to write specific content to address their needs. I love talking their language! It helped me understand how I can best serve my customers which is any entrepreneur’s ultimate goal. Paula, also, helped me create a detailed strategy with the necessary inspired action I need to stay on target and focused. While I know this is all very important, my favorite part about working with Paula is her personality. As a yoga teacher, I need to be able to connect heart-to-heart with those I work with. I love Paula’s humor, grace & sincere desire to inspire me to honor my path and be successful on all fronts.

Cropped Carrie Hensley Ayurveda Yoga Counselor

Her message is beyond words powerful and she brings a palpable realness to her work. She is vulnerable and open to her own adversity and now is leading a resiliency movement and sharing her message with all who need the courage and hope to bounce back. Paula brings any audience to a deep realization of what can be as they choose resilience.


Let’s Work Together

Yes, I am thrilled you’re interested in working (and playing) together. 

Currently I’m taking 1-on-1 clients and clients for half day VIP sessions. Both are great options and the best choice for you will depend on two things:

  1. What  do you want to focus on specifically.
  2. And what your work style is.

I get it – Maybe you’re not sure on either of those.  So, that’s why I love to start with a complimentary “Clarity Session”. This is a quick 30 min call with me where we get clear on what you want (and maybe need) to focus on and determine what’s the best path to get you there. That will help us determine how we can best work together so that you see massive success. See – BAM! Clarity in Action-LOVE IT!

The Clarity Session also let’s me get to know you, and you me, so that we know we’ll create magic when we work together.

Let’s Play Together

My background is in wellness, I still teach Yoga classes and work-life balance is infused in everything I do! I do this because I know that in order for us to have the type of success we want and deserve we have to be as intentional about our play as we are about our work.

I offer at least one Yoga Retreat each year and I also offer very special VIP packages that will give you all the business success and progress you deserve and will culminate in an incredible “working” retreat.

Click here to get more info on the 2018 Yoga Retreat! And stay tuned for updates on other play dates we can have.

So you’re going to follow that little tickle in your soul and get to work… Awesome & Welcome!