My Favorite Books On Learning to Live Your Dharma + a free download


The best and worst thing I ever did to nudge me to read more books was get Amazon Prime.

Just click a -button and within a day or two voila! A new appears in my mailbox.

The good part is, I’ve read more books this year than in past three years combined, the bad news is I can be a bit of an impulse buyer. Seriously, who wouldn’t be. Amazon makes it so easy!

Most of the time when I reading something that really inspires me I think how much I would love to share it with you. So, maybe someday I’ll start a book club. But, until that happens I want to share with you the list of books that I’ve gotten the most out of. Some of these I read decades ago and some I just finished this month.

The list I share (at the bottom of this post) is all non-fiction. Sorry no Shades of Grey or Gone Girl for this girl. I do enjoy leisure reading, but I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to ‘personal development’ books. As a matter of fact I so lack the skills to read fiction that when I went on vacation last year I had to ask my Facebook community to recommend books I should read!

Why I think you should read more books

1. It puts you in a student mindset.

I think one of the biggest mistakes we make is thinking we know it all or to admit we don’t know something. I have a friend who, every time she goes to conferences, she always reports back about what would’ve made it better, or how she felt like the presenters were saying stuff she already knew. She goes into the conference, not with a student mindset, but with the mindset that she is going to find whats wrong.

I think there’s a couple things going on here. One she’s afraid she will appear stupid if she doesn’t point out the shortcomings of others. And second, that mindset automatically shuts her down to being open to a new message. She is so afraid of what people will think she doesn’t know her shit, she is focused on making sure lets others know how smart she is. How are we suppose to expand our minds and invite knowledge when we focus on making sure people acknowledge us?

When we open our minds to being a student and let go of our self-worth being attached on what other think of us or what we already know. When we open space for new ideas and thoughts we move towards a higher level of thinking and being.

2. Reading helps us get clear on what our inner wisdom is trying to tell us.

One thing I like to say about knowing when our inner-wisdom is speaking is that we know without knowing. Its the nudge that says, oh, that book looks interesting and yet you’ve never read a book on that subject before.

I believe that when we are attracted to something (or someone for that matter) there is something about the energy of that thing/person that is in alignment with what our soul knows and is trying to tell us. In essence, whatever that thing is already exists in us, we just haven’t brought it to the surface yet!

This is one of the things that my signature program Conscious Clarity [put link to program page]focuses on. In that program we go through five very specific questions that help you get clear on what you’re inner wisdom is trying to tell you. Funny thing is. Ive had more people discover they need to read more than any other desire. Coincidence? I don’t think so! Click here to get more info on the Conscious Clarity workshop.

3. I love paper.

Maybe you didn’t catch it at the top of this post, but yes, I buy real books that get delivered to my mailbox. I do own a kindle and when I want to read fiction I buy it on kindle. Yes, when I read Shades of Grey I didn’t want everyone at the resort knowing what I was reading gah. So I read them all on my kindle. And yes, I read all three… oh, don’t act like you didn’t read them!

But seriously, when it comes to books that expand my soul and help me expand my view there is nothing I love better than paper AND a highlighter. Yes, a highlighter. My husband makes fun of me and my highlighter. He says, Its not like you’re going to take a test on it. True, but I like it anyway.

A (sorta) Short List of My Favorite Books to Help You Ascend into Your Greatness

I wanted to make this easy for you so just click here and I’ll give you a downloadable list of my favorite books.

I bet you know someone who would love a list like this. Sharing is caring send them the link to this blog or share it on your Facebook page!