My Favorite Tools to Create Eye-Popping Graphics for Your Social Media

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In 2017 having an active social media presence for your online business is one of the best ways for your potential customers to start falling in love with you.I’m going to give you my go-to tools for creating images for your social media that will get people to stop mindlessly scrolling and take notice of how awesome you are. And isn’t that what we all want?

Being able to create eye-popping graphics for your business is the best way for you to begin to establish brand recognition as well as slap your web address on something that doesn’t cost as much as ordering 5000 postcards. Social graphics are one of the cheapest ways for you to get your message out for free. Period.

I know you’re just starting out in business and money is tight – That’s why I’ve only included tools that have (really good) free versions. There is no reason for you to be dropping cash on this part of your business. I’ve also shared the tools I find to be the easiest to use but are hardy enough for what you need now in your bzi. I suggest you play with all of them and you will find the ones that are most intuitive for you and do what you need for your social media presence.

My Favorite (and free) Tools for Social Media Graphics

Pic Monkey

Pic Monkey was one of the first online tools I started using. Although I’ve moved on to other platforms I still come back to Pic Monkey for the editing tools. It’s great for things like cropping or resizing pictures. It also has a fun collage feature when you want to showcase a few pictures from an event of common theme.


Canva has been my go-to for almost all my social media graphics for quite some time. My favorite feature of Canva is that you can choose the right dimensions for different tasks. For example if I’m doing a Facebook ad I can choose the exact right pixels for that versus what I need for a simple Facebook post on my page. (I used Canva to create the image for the post!)


My dear friend and money consciousness master, Amber Dugger turned me on to Stencil. I love her social graphics and I can recognize her posts when I’m scrolling Instagram because she has done such a good job making her graphics part of her branding.


I just recently started using Crello and at first glance you will see that it looks very much like Canva. My experience is that it feels a bit cleaner to work with but with a  little more pizzazz. Use both Crello and Canva and see which one meets your needs and becomes the easiest to work with.


Use this when you are ready to promote your blog posts – love, love, love it! Lumen5 turns your blog into a beautiful visual representation of your words AND you can put it to music! Watch the video I did for a blog and posted it to my Facebook page.   Maybe I’ll do one for this post!


I recently attended a social media conference and the #1 take away was that video (including live streaming) is the direction all social media is going AND it gets the most attention from your viewers. I’ve been using Magisto for over a year. My favorite thing about it is that you can capture a day and/or event and share it with music, words and graphics that bring the day to life for your viewers. Here’s one I did for the Costa Rica Yoga Retreat.

Now go on a social media bender…

But remember – include your website on all of your images so that people can find you and if when people share your stuff other people will flock to your page like seagulls to a bag of McDonald fries (minus the pooping).

Have fun, play around with all of them and don’t take yourself too seriously. This is the fun part of having an online business!