What do people say who’ve hired Paula?


“Paula shares her spirit openly and resonates with her audience through her light-hearted yet deeply meaningful presentation style. She pulls you in, leaving you wanting more and brings a palpable realness to her work.”

-Jill Halimi, Family Donor Advocate with Life Source Organ and Tissue Donation

“Paula’s message is beyond words powerful and she
brings a palpable realness to her work. Paula is vulnerable and open to her own adversity. She has found a way to shift and now is leading a resiliency movement and sharing her message. She brings any audience to a deep realization of what can happen when they choose resilience.

~ Chantelle Adams, Speaking Coach

Hi and welcome to my speaking page!

I will lead your audience on an adventure to help them identify what’s keeping them from getting more of what they want, less of what they don’t  and understand why they don’t have that now. My message can been blended into your brand or theme while I’m still able to speak authentically and connect to your audience.

I LOVE getting to share my heart, change
lives and inspire transformation.

My speaking career started in the health and wellness industry, over sixteen years ago, speaking to thousands of people who wanted to take their career to the next level. More recently I’ve been privileged to address groups of military loss survivors and inspire them to live their lives in the sunshine of their loved one’s life, not in the shadow of their death.

I’ve always loved to speak and present. My perfect day would be getting to share my message of how our lives are transformed when we learn to become a more resilient version of what we were always meant to become.

As a seasoned yogi I am often asked to lead classes for corporate events, retreats and large conferences where the organizers want to emphasis the importance of the mind/body connection to living a whole life. Could your audience benefit from connecting to the best version of them selves?

Ready to have me come speak at your event? Simply send me a note and we’ll be on our way to creating your next world class event!



What are others saying about Paula’s speaking?

“It was one of the best talks I have ever been to.  

I left with so many incredible concepts and knowledge to take away and apply and also things that I can apply with my current clients.  I highly recommend anyone that has experienced a traumatic event and has gone through the process of picking themselves back up and ready to move forward to have a chat with Paula.  She is a straight talker and doesn’t beat around the bush but at the same time has this genuinely kind nature about her.

She has a very grounding presence and holds herself with confidence and shines brightly. Her glow is contagious and if you are looking to surround yourself with someone expanding in success, Paula is your gal.” 

~ Amber Dugger, Money Mindset Coach

“I went to one of her workshops where her message resonated so much with me that I was compelled to attend another one of her workshops at the same conference.

Paula gets it. Her thoughts, ideas and tips were great validators of what my wife and I were doing to navigate the grief associated with the loss of our son Jeff. Paula’ words made me feel okay with being sad but also okay with working hard to be happy again.”

~ Greg Jehlik, Conference Attendee

She is energetic and engaging as well as very knowledgeable and she speaks with such style and grace!

I went into her workshops with no expectations and came out with so much enthusiasm and yes, even a positive outlook. I very highly recommend Paula to anyone looking for an amazingly uplifting speaker”

~ Bob Morton,TCF Lower Cape Chapter Harwich, Group Leader

“I was eager to finally meet Paula and see her in person!

Not surprising to me at all, she was very engaging and connected with the audience immediately. So prepared with an information filled power point as her backdrop, Paula was open and authentic as she shared her creative and down to earth suggestions for integrating our lives, as well as finding renewed confidence as we move towards healing.

So needed! She is a bright light and opens her heart up to let us in- which truly is a gift to all.”

~ Sara Ruble, Conference Attendee & Author