What I Wish Everyone Knew About Going On A Yoga Retreat

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Last week I was talking to a woman at the yoga studio where I teach and she said, “Isn’t a yoga retreat for like those really woo-woo people who sit around in silence and meditate all day? I really wouldn’t like that.” Then the women next to her said, “Yeah, do you even get to enjoy your vacation, or is it just all yoga all day? What do you do at yoga retreat anyway? ”

Yoga retreats are a variable and diverse as any vacation you take.  So I thought you might want to know what a yoga retreat is and is not.

What a yoga retreat IS

  • An opportunity to focus on yourself
  • A way to meet like minded people
  • A way to deepen your yoga practice by being consistent for a week
  • A way to experience a new location
  • An opportunity to positively shift your life’s focus

What a yoga retreat IS NOT

  • Only for skinny, white, blond girls who can bend themselves into impossible poses on Instagram. It’s for anyone who enjoys the benefits of yoga.
  • For someone with expert level yoga skills. But having done a few classes makes it more enjoyable!
  • Only for people who are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, Fair Trade, sustainable, minimalist and whatever is trending. If you want some of those things – great! Most yoga retreats accommodate a wide range of needs, but you don’t have to change yourself to attend.

So what can you expect on one of my retreats?

Imagine this with me….

Hearing the trickle of a small waterfall, you take a full breath, drawing in the scent of tropical flowers. A gentle breeze brushes your shoulders and you feel your body soften into the restful pose of a full body massage. You keep you eyes gently closed and a small smile tickles the corners of your mouth as your therapist softly releases the tension from your neck and shoulders… ahh, total bliss you think.

or… Imagine this with me…

You hear the roar of a powerful ocean wave coming up behind you and, as you feel the excitement build in your chest, you look to your surf instructor waiting for him to give you the cue to jump up on your board and ride the wave to shore. He gives you the signal, you push yourself up and feel the wave take control of your board and you feel like you are flying. You feel free!

ok, wait, just one more… imagine this moment…

It’s late afternoon and you are gliding on a stand-up paddleboard down the river, through the mangroves. You’ve just taken a break where your guide served you fresh pineapple (he cut it up right there) and coconut water. Everything about your life right now feels effortless, and you emerge from the river into the ocean where the sun is rewarding you with a glorious sunset. You can’t believe this is your life!

I experienced all three of those moments last year at my Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica!

And I haven’t even told you about the actual “yoga” part of a yoga retreat! 

When I host a retreat I am very purposeful that it is a blend of everything that encourages you to re-connect with the most beautiful version of you. That includes being flexible with how much time we spend as a group and not scheduling the shit out of every day or expecting you take an oath of silence (or celibacy).

Yes, we do yoga every morning in a hill-top, open air shala that overlooks the ocean.

Yes, we close our days with a guided meditation while the sun sets over the ocean.

Yes, I teach yoga classes that are embedded with a deeper message than turning yourself into a pretzel – rather we loosen the pretzel you’ve gotten your mind into. 🙂

Yes, when you do yoga for five days and you stay at a resort fully dedicated to healthy mind, body, and soul you will feel invigorated when you leave.

I want to gift you one of the experiences I listed above at the 2018 Yoga Retreat.

Last year’s retreat was life changing for me and I am so excited to already be able to invite you to the next one which will be held April 7-12, 2018 at the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort in Costa Rica.

There are three things I’m doing now to help make this a reality and ensure that we can share this experience together.

1. My Gift to You – When you sign up before November 1st, 2017 I will gift you one of the three blissful experiences I shared above:

  • A 60-minute full body massage in a tropical open air space
  • A half day surf lesson with a surfing professional (includes board and everything you need)
  • A half day stand up paddle board experience where you will wind your way through the mangroves

Oh, how will you choose!!!

2. 3 Months to Pay – In addition to getting to choose your personalized bliss experience, I am offering a 3-month payment plan. I know this epic experience can be a big investment and I want to be able to offer it in integrity with financial consciousness. Click here to see accommodation and pricing options. 

3. Early-Bird Pricing – On November 1st prices will go up by $200. By saving your spot now you save $200. Check out the video below of the accommodations!

I know life is busy and I know that April of 2018 seems like a long way off, but by making the commitment now to yourself you tell the universe (and family, friends & employers) that you are serious about your self-care. When you make the time for yourself you show up as a better wife, mother, friend, or employee. Everyone wins when you fill your cup first!

OK, as I wrap this up I want you to take a moment and think about how your life could be transformed by an experience that is so much more than just a beach vacation. This six-day retreat has all the transformational benefits of moving to an ashram in India… without moving to an ashram in India!

Click here to get all the details on the 2018 Yoga Retreat

Enjoy the photos below of last year’s retreat!